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  1. Search on any internet search engine (www.diyomart.com)
  2. Choose your products and Click on add to cart
  3. Complete your Contact details and Shipping Address
  4. Choose your shipping address
  5. You can manage your order add or remove and update order
  6. Choose your Payment Method
    1. Credit/Debit card (Master, Visa and UnionPay with Nabil bank EPG) for National and International Customers
      1. Fill up Given Information
      2. Card Number.
      3. Expired Date.
      4. Card Holder’s Name.
      5. CVV No.
      6. Email Address.
      7. Submit for Payment and wait for OTP.
      8. Enter OTP and submit for final Payment.
    2. E-Sewa payment for National Customers
      1. Enter E-Sewa ID & Password and submit.
    3. Cash on Delivery for National Customers
  7. Submit & Read your Purchase order Slip (Can Save & Print)
  8. Task Completed